Happy Birthday Peritiae!

Today Peritiae is 1/10 years old!

Peritiae is born in 2004, from the idea of a group of friends and ICT experts. In 2008, it went on-line, just for the Italian market. Exactly one year ago (29 November 2013) became a shared company!

Today, on this significant anniversary, Peritiae is on-line with a totally new, dynamic, interactive and responsive site. 

CloudStack, OpenStack ecc.

Virtualisation and cloud-service platforms are improving in standardisation; open source communities are playing a strong role; maturity is quickly rising. Interoperable cloud computing services are not still ready, but companies can start to build "switching strategies" .

CloudStack, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and many other players are doing very interesting things...