Healthcare devices that ask your permission to share data

Are you happy that your blood pressure monitor share your data with any connected smartphone? On the other hand... Are you happy that your smartphone is not able to read your blood pressure from the meter that you find in your preferred pharmacy?

The ancient dilemma between privacy and friendliness... 

Peritiae has been working on a software infrastructure for intelligent devices able to check (or to ask) the owner's will to grant (or refuse) permissions about her/his data. Something similar to the experience you have when your browser ask you to allow the current application to access to your contacts or agenda.
We have been designing and implementing federated digital identity on d-heath IoT devices to guarantee the "owner" (or the "user") about her/his data. "Federated digital identity" in practice!

Why "Federated" Digital Identity? 
Reading between the lines, the US Government strategy on digital identity simply says: ... Because there is no alternative! The ecosystem is simply too complex and evolutive to dream of a unique stable trusted entity.
How to put the patient at the center of digital health systems?
This very interesting article provides very clear answers.