Peritiae promotes "OpenAPMS"; an open and "free of charge" Attribute Provider Management System


Digital identities are core elements in digital healthcare and wants to facilitate the adoption of digital identities in healthcare communities.

The Attribute Providers (or Attribute Authorities) are key actors in the federated identity model. For instance, a "classic" AP is the organisation able to guarantee to citizens that mr. X is a doctor. 
Managing digital "attributes", the APs should be able to answer in "near real time" to electronic inquiries like: "is this identity corresponding to a doctor?"
Since the organisations candidate to be AP are expert in their specific dominion but not necessarily in Federated Digital Identity Management; decided to promote the implementation of OpenAPMS a free service dedicated to potential Attribute Providers. 
"Attribute Providers" can use the service to define which attributes they guarantee and to manage the complete lifecycle of attributes (value attribution, revocation etc.) related to any digital identity. The service will also be able to resolve assertions on attributes and entitlement information coming from the Service Providers.